Hkube is a cloud-native open source framework to run distributed pipeline of algorithms built on Kubernetes. Hkube allows running pipelines of algorithms on kubernetes cluster optimally utilizing the available resources, based on user priorities and AI heuristics.


$ helm repo add hkube
$ helm install hkube/hkube


The chart is hosted in To add the repo to your helm run

$ helm repo add hkube

Installing the Chart

To install the chart with the release name my-release:

$ helm install hkube/hkube --name my-release

This command installs hkube in a minimal configuration for development. See below for production install.

Uninstalling the Chart

$ helm delete my-release


There are two modes to install hkube

  1. minimal install for development
  2. production deployment

Production deployment


  1. hkube uses s3 for storage. The minimal installation uses minio hosted in the cluster. For production installations it is recommended to create a dedicated s3 server.


Parameter | Description | Default --- | --- | --- | access key for s3 | hkubeminiokey | secret key for s3 | hkubeminiosecret | access url for s3 | http://minio-service:9000 global.production | flag to switch to production install | false global.clusterName | the name of the kubernetes cluster | cluster-local

$ helm install hkube/hkube --set global.production=true --set global.clusterName=dev --set --set --set --name my-release