Input Types#

The node input can accept as many arguments as you want from any type:
Number, Boolean, String, Array, Null and JSON Object.

"name": "example-input",
"nodes": [{
    "nodeName": "example1",
    "algorithmName": "example1-alg",
    "input": [42, 42.56, -512.23, false, true, "OK", [2,3,4], null, {"foo": "bar"}]
    "nodeName": "example2",
    "algorithmName": "example2-alg",
    "input": [256, false, "@example1"]

Input Order#

Take a look at the input of Node example2 [256, false, "@example1"] the order of the arguments is not important here, it also can be ["@example1", 256, false].

The order is only important for the algorithm function signature.

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