Caching / Run Node


Hkube pipeline execution can be long and complex

Hkube Caching allows you to run job from a specific node and getting the data of the predecessors from caching of the previous run, saving time and resources enable you to monitor or debug the relevant Node without the need to wait for previous prosses to complete

Note: the Caching is only relevant to the batch pipeline

Use Cases#

After executing the following job you suspect that the "yellow" node does not calculate its output properly and you wish to rerun the job with the same input while monitoring the yellow node during execution, to avoid rerunning the "red" and the "green" process you can select the yellow node and run it using the caching.


The "red" and "green" output will be taken from storage saving processing time and resources simple2.png

How to activate cache#


  • Open the job you wish to execute cache from
  • Select the relevant node
  • Click on the play buttonplay2.png

Rest API#

  • POST "https://{HKUBE URL}/hkube/api-server/api/v1/exec/caching" -H "accept: application/json" -H "Content-Type: application/json" -d "{"jobId":"{jobId}","nodeName":"{node name}","debug":false}"
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