Create Algorithm

name: my-alg
env: python
   cpu: 0.5
   mem: 512Mi

Create Pipeline

name: my-pipeline
- nodeName: my-node
  algorithmName: my-alg
  - flowInput.urls


GET: /api/v1/status
POST: /api/v1/exec
  "body": {
    "pipeline": "MyPipeline"

HPC over Kubernetes

Hkube is a cloud-native open-source framework to run a distributed pipeline of algorithms built on Kubernetes. Hkube allows running pipelines of algorithms on Kubernetes cluster optimally utilizing the available resources, based on user priorities and AI heuristics.

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Distributed pipeline of algorithms

Hkube receives input DAG graph and automatically parallelizes your algorithms(nodes) over the cluster. You can keep your code simple (even single-threaded) and let Hkube worry about the complications distributed processing.

Language Agnostic

Hkube is a container-based framework and designed to facilitate the use of any language for your algorithm

Optimize Hardware utilization

Hkube Automatically places containers based on their resource requirements and other constraints, while not sacrificing availability. Mix critical and best-effort workloads to drive up utilization and save even more resources. Hkube has metrics and AI engines that help learn about your algorithm (like run-time, CPU usage, priority ..) to make efficient execution and clustering.

Simple API

Hkube has a simple API with a low learning curve:

  • CLI for storing algorithms.
  • Restful API to describe pipeline schema

Algorithm monitoring

Hkube lets you quickly and easily understand complex problems over the cluster by CNCF technologies (such as Prometheus, Jaeger, and more) for monitoring the cluster. Hkube exposes algorithm logs through stdout and integrates them with Hkube logs to get the whole picture.